Inbound is the complete, integrated purchase order management system that optimizes operational efficiency while streamlining transactions with outside carriers.

Manage your POs intuitively and more effectively with a suite of tools to consolidate, optimize and tender your loads.

Our web-based Carrier Portal simplifies negotiations with outside carriers, allowing them to counter and accept tender requests on a single screen.

Natively integrated with our Outbound TMS, Inbound allows you to pass back extra loads that you want handled by your private fleet, eliminating paperwork and increasing operational efficiency.


Purchase Order Management

  • Intelligently consolidate orders, accounting for ORMs, timing, capacity, temperature and equipment type
  • Intuitive wizard tool to consolidate and optimize LTL (less-than-load) POs

Carrier Portal

  • Outside carriers log in to a website to view tendered loads, update accepted loads, and submit finalized charges
  • Inbound instantly notifies you when a carrier accepts, rejects or counters a tender request
  • Web-based dock scheduling reduces delays and bottlenecks unloading at the DC
  • Reduces telephone and email communications and ensures all important data resides in one system

Integration with Outbound TMS

  • Carrier information automatically populated via seamless data integration
  • Unassigned loads in Inbound can be passed back to Outbound and dispatched to your private fleet
  • Visibility into all inbound loads: vendor supplied, managed freight, and private fleet backhauls
  • Optimize between managed freight and backhaul to reduce transportation costs and maximize backhaul revenue

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