Mobi is the first trip-based FMCSA certified ELD purpose-built for the logistics-intensive grocery industry.

Much more than a mere data recorder, Mobi supports in-route updates, allowing drivers and dispatchers to make intelligent, time-sensitive decisions.

As drivers complete stops and trip activities, our fully integrated Outbound TMS seamlessly recalculates downstream arrivals and departures, providing your dispatch office critical visibility.

Serving the grocery industry for over 20 years, we’ve poured our expertise into providing an intuitive experience for drivers in an ELD that will consistently deliver complete and reliable data.


Trip-Based ELD

  • Purpose-built for logistics-heavy industries such as grocery
  • Feature-rich device designed to streamline trip-based workflows
  • Arrivals and departures updated automatically with intelligent geo-fencing

Full Integration with Outbound TMS

  • Trip updates sent between Mobi and Outbound in real-time
  • Arrivals and departures seamlessly update in Outbound, automatically recalculating downstream times
  • In-route activities, breaks and delays are passed back to Outbound, providing additional insight and important payroll information

FMCSA Certified

  • Fully compliant with the ELD mandate
  • Edit or certify logs on the tablet or from a convenient web-based back office
  • ELD solution built from the ground-up, not just acquired and cobbled together


  • Record and log pre- and post-trip inspections
  • IFTA fuel tax remittance reporting
  • Additional scorecarding for driver safety and performance

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